Our Custom Hire Services

Maximize Your Yields With Proven Experience & Precision Advantage.

If you are searching for a proven farming operator with custom hire experience and precision technology to complete your operations, look no further.  Check out our custom hire services below to see if Petersen Bros., Inc. is a viable solution to custom hire needs.

Planting & Post Planting Operations

Fertilizer Application

Harvesting Grain & Soybeans

Grain Hauling Operations


Farm Leasing

Growing Your Legacy Through Ground Rental

Whether you’re a first time Landowner or your land has been in your family for generations, you are searching for a tenant that treats your land as their own.  At Petersen Bros., Inc., we give others' land the same priority as our own by ensuring that it gets the resources needed to create the maximum yields; while preserving the land for your future generations. If you are looking to rent your ground to a new tenant, please contact Petersen Bros., Inc. for additional information.

Looking For A Farmer To Rent Your Farm Ground?


PO Box 108, Cordova, NE 68330, USA




PO Box 108, Cordova, NE 68330, USA

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