Looking For A Farmer To Rent Your Farm Ground?

Whether you’re a first time Landowner or your land has been in your family for generations, as tenants our goal is to treat your land as our own.  We give others' land the same priority ensuring that it gets the resources needed to create the maximum yields while preserving the land for your future generations.

To us, our Landowners are our partners and an extension of our family.   Petersen Bros., Inc. strives to make our relationship with our Landowners beneficial for both parties. To accomplish this, we feel it is important to frequently communicate with our Landowners.  It is important for our Landowners to know what is happening on the farm and to answer any questions they have about the operations.  Frequent communication has allowed us to have a stronger relationship with our Landowners.

Petersen Bros., Inc. is interested in any new leasing opportunities in central or south Nebraska and is open to different lease options from cash to custom.  If you are looking to rent your ground to a tenant, please contact Petersen Bros., Inc. to discuss your current farming situation and your desire to rent your ground.


Do You Use A Farm Management Company?

Petersen Bros., Inc. is a viable option as a tenant via a farm management company.

Professional Farm Managers do many things.  They are responsible for acquiring, directing, and controlling resources, including financial, physical, and human resources for Landowners they represent.  They have a complicated job in a complicated world.   With Petersen Bros., Inc., it is our job to make it easier for the Farm Managers and their respective Landowners.

Petersen Bros., Inc. has a strong advantage of business and project management.   Our business model assists the Farm Manager to accomplish the goals of maximizing profitability for the Landowners; while providing the same for us.  By doing this, we are also able to improve the land and free up time for the Landowners and Professional Farm Managers to spend time with their family and community.  If you are currently using a Farm Manager, please suggest Petersen Bros., Inc. as a viable tenant option.



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